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Think Big Grow Bigger – Hanjuang : Expand Your Mindset and Change Your Life

If you ever read “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and “Think and Grow Rich”, you would love to read “Think Big Grow Bigger”. This book will help you to understand exactly your sequence of Actions that cause results. You’ll enjoy in changing the sequence to gain better results. You’ll enjoy to add some actions or delete that.

And also, you’ll enjoy testing other sequences. The incredible fact is that you’ll have the chance to recognize and apply the sequence of wealthy people. The Stickies Strategy® is really powerful!!!

What happen if you need some help?

The Author, Riccardo Proetto, is here to help you with seminars, courses and coaching. He applied this theory for himself. In 2009 he lost everything. Something like some million euros, house… car.. everything. The problem : Even if he has frequented courses and seminars for himself, that is always a good thing, no one has explained to him how to avoid the same mistakes. He used a lot of strategies, listened a lot of guru. But what his was looking for was not the cure. He wanted the healing.

And He wanted to help people and himself to avoid mistakes, to accelerate the learning process, to recognize the actions sequence of everything : wealthy style, healthy style.

The good news is that he found the solution and the funny thing is that everything is based on personal meanings. The result : the system is always applicable. If you’ll have the opportunity to participate at one of his seminars, you’ll listen with your ears and you’ll see with your eyes how is his story.

Inside Of This Book You’ll Discover The Results To These Shocking Tests : 80% of modern millionaires were able to get there on annual incomes of $55,000 or less. Even meager savings eventually add up to thousands or millions of dollars.

This one is almost dumb, cause it’s SO easy. (Page 9)

Net Worth Formula Simplified The rich have a net worth often double or triple the amount. The average American has less than half. The goal is to double your net worth. (Page 9) Sense of Spending The truly rich hold off gratification, knowing that what is trendy, popular or a must have today may not last until tomorrow. (Page 11) How interest affects your debt Pay more than the minimum on loans. The more you pay now, the less you pay later.(Page 13) Today millionaires spend more time selecting what to buy than buying the product itself. They look for the best bargain before laying their money down. (Page 15)


I’ve seen during these years that our personal meaning of things is the real engine that let us go forward or backward. So I’ve developed the Stickies Strategy. You can find your exact sequence of actions through the “meanings” and improve or change that one…(Page 54) …extra Steps: How to Use Your Passion to Succeed „Over time, we often forget the passions of our childhood or even the ones we discover as we age.” Take a stroll down memory lane and make a list. What would you do if you had all of the money you needed and didn’t have to worry about paying your bills?

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